Wednesday, 8 February 2012

From a Pile of Retreat Fabric Scraps to...

Batting scraps for coasters, selvages for creative fun, some useable fabric scraps and strings for scrappy quilts and...

One happy kitty trying out the new cat bed ready to be donated to a local cat shelter!

Now that's full cycle fabric use, don'tcha think? Thanks to all my fellow retreaters who filled the scrap bag!


  1. Good thing it was test driven first :-)

  2. Aw! Love the kitty bed! I will keep saving the scraps for you! Fun.

  3. Good for you Kat. I'm saving up scraps to make dog beds but didn't think about the kittys. Will have to make those too

  4. I love scraps. I love going to local shops and filling up a scrap bag