Thursday, 29 December 2011

So why a blog? Why now?

I have been enjoying reading so many blogs, and seeing peoples ideas and posts is so inspiring! I thought perhaps I should document my own stitching progress as a sort of self-motivation to try and get some stuff done! And maybe I'll realize some here goes!

Am I late for Christmas, or am I starting early for next year?

Today I worked on some Christmas fabric buntings, inspired by

I had cut out three sets with good intentions of getting them all sewn as door prizes for my local guild's Christmas party.

But I only managed to get one completed in time. Soooo, I am ahead of myself for next year!


  1. For some reason, when I first saw this photo, I thought it was a cake with bunting on it. HA!

    I will totally follow your blog. I love all the things you create. Your quilts are awesome.