Sunday, 5 February 2012

Clearing out!

More stuff...I've kept at my commitment to clean out and get rid of stuff that does not belong in my sewing room, and maybe not even in my house!

Here's some progress!

Stuffies, candles, wine boxes, clothes to the thrift store

A great craft case and tote - I gave this to my daughter's friend show is designing amazing jewellery!

I gave my spare iron to my son, who didn't have one.

Christmas decorations I was going to use for making a wreath...uh, hasn't happened in two years, what are the chances??

Miscellaneous stuff...candles, coaster, napkins and a pencil case (my kids have been out of school for years!)

As of February 5 (36 days), the count is 55 items! There is more stuff I haven't counted, but just keepin' it real!!

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