Monday, 6 February 2012

Habitat Challenge

When the FVMQ guild announced a new fabric challenge using Habitat by Jay McCarroll, I really wanted to be a part of it!

Unfortunately, all the fabric packets were spoken for, so I was out of luck. As generous quilters can be, Barb offered up her fabric pack and gave it to me at the next meeting.

After I got the fabrics and had a really good look at them, I wasn't sure if I should thank Barb or she should thank me for taking this challenge off her hands! Ha! I found the Habitat fabrics a really interesting mix of textures and colours, and I wracked my brain for days trying to come up with an idea to use it. These are the six fabrics I received in my fat eights pack.


Remember these triangles? I made up a whack of triangles, but then what?

Hmm, I had seen this super-cute fall pillow tutorial on one of my favourite blogs, Cluck Cluck Sew. I have wanted to make this pattern ever since I saw it, and thought the Habitat fabrics would make great leaves for the tree.

I used the scraps leftover from making the triangles and made up a pile of leaves until I ran out of fabric, and the centre block of my Habitat quilt was born! I used the same method as demonstrated on the Cluck Cluck Sew blog,where Allison fused and straight-stitched around the edge of all the leaves.

I played around with the triangles surrounding the centre block, but thought it looked too busy with the triangles side by side, and it wouldn't end up much bigger than a wall hanging. I wanted this to be a lap size quilt so with some planning and using Excel to draft out the number of triangles needed, I figured out how big I could make it.

Of course, I didn't realize until I was at retreat that the pieces of solid fabric I pulled from my stash weren't going to be big enough for what I had planned, so I just improvised and made do with what I had! Without even intending to, I think my quilt has a decidedly '70s feel to it!

I brought some brushed cotton in a yummy caramel colour to audition for the back (I think I bought it in '97)! There wasn't quite enough of it, so I had fun playing and pieced the middle panel so it would be long enough. So much fun!

I can't believe how different all the quilts have turned out using the same Habitat fabrics as a starting point. This definitely has been a challenge and has forced many of us to stretch out beyond our comfort zone, but I am very happy with the results! I'm adding this to my Power of Ten list to get it finished this year!


  1. Just discovered your blog, via the sidebar of the FV Modern Quilt Guild site. Love the quilt and yes it does sorta feel like the 70's - i lived through them... am putting you on RSS feed so will return to read your adventures again.

  2. Thanks Susan! I'm a kid of the 70's too :>) Thanks for checking out my blog!