Friday, 12 July 2013

A Procrastinator's Guide to Cleaning Your Sewing Room

Step 1: Decide to clean up the sewing room.

Step 2: Ignore the stuff that has accumulated on the floor and all horizontal surfaces. Start by re-arranging the fabric in the cupboard.

Step 3: Pull out three shelves worth of fabric. Fondle, sort by colour, re-sort by theme, and sort again by possible next project.

Step 4: Put some of the fabric back in the cupboard in nice, neat piles. Discover remains of a partially used charm pack.

Step 5: Decide scraps are piling up and leftover charm pack would make good start to a cat bed for stuffing.

Step 6: Sew 20 charm squares together. After moving piles of fabric off ironing board, discover two more unopened charm packs from the same line.

Step 7: Cat bed. What cat bed? Stuff the rest of the fabric back into the cupboard.

 Step 8: Arrange rest of charms.

Step 9: Sew. Press.  Admire newly finished flimsy!

 Step 10: Decide to clean up the sewing room tomorrow!

 Happy sewing!


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