Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Missing U, A Work In Progress

I woke up to this today! My hubby is sweet...and better at remembering dates that me!
 I've spent the past week like this....

Blech, summer colds are THE WORST! Being under the weather means I haven't felt like being out in the garden or enjoying the warm weather we've been having.
Without the energy to do much else, besides working  and sleeping, and even that was hard, I managed to stitch some blocks last weekend and continued to stitch a couple of blocks over the last few evenings, working away on this "The Missing U" quilt from the book, Sunday Morning Quilts by Amanda Jean Nyberg and CherylArkison.
See the little owl applique?
A set of three blocks takes me about two hours to make, depending on how big or small the scraps are.  The blocks are smaller than those in the book. I made mine 12.5" unfinished and I've made 20 blocks, so the quilt top will measure a nice 48" x 60" when done.

I am so glad I sorted my scraps as it inspired me to make these colourful blocks! There are scraps in here from my very first quilt (1991!) and scraps I recognize that friends and fellow quilters have passed along to me, it has lots of variety (there's even a snippet or two of Habitat by Jay McCarroll, from our guild's Habitat challenge is still just a top)!
I dug through my stash and found this kiddie fabric I have had forever! It's a teal green (not sure if the colour is true in the picture); with little stick drawing boys and girls. All the years I've had it folded in my stash, I didn't know it had a border on it! Super cute!

I think I'll use this fabric on the back. It's a Patrick Lose print from 1996! I'm glad I'll finally do something with it!

Have an awesome week!


  1. Your blocks turned out great! I love the green and blue ones, the best for some reason. Your quilts are always so cheerful. I just love them.

    1. thanks Carol! They have been fun to make!

  2. Love those colourful blocks, Kat! Hope you are feeling better. I am working on some strip quilting type stuff now, too. Great to use up some bits and pieces!

    1. Thanks Lorna! I'm feeling much better! I think playing with scraps helps!