Monday, 25 November 2013

Challenge Quilt Revealed!

I have a Challenge quilt finish to show today!
Our modern guild partnered with a Canadian on-line fabric company, Warp and Weft, who put together a bundle of fat quarters for us. Our challenge was to make whatever we wanted with the fabrics. No other rules or restrictions, just go for it!

When I received my bundle, it took me quite a while to come up with an idea. I was in the midst of working on the two quilts (shown below), and the colour choices in this bundle left me puzzled. I searched the internet for inspiration, and then my Pinterest board to peruse my quilty pins, and found this one and I knew I could make it work.

I don't have quilt design software, so I re-created the pattern using Word shapes and changed the colour placement so I could work with the colour palette we were given. I added in the orange, lime green, and purple/pink burst fabric, along with a tan, cream, grey and black.

Did I mention I have helpers?
Rather than strip piecing, I cut individual pieces and then pieced the blocks, using just the picture to guide me. I liked the process of 'puzzling' my way through the maze. There are 392 pieces in this little quilt, finished size 1.25" x 2.5" each and the quilt, with a 2" finished border, is 38" square. I plan to hang it at the end of the hallway so we can enjoy the full effect of the design.

I quilted the coloured bricks close to the seams, even Lizzie thought I should take a break on this one!
On the back, I used a piece of (I believe) Indonesian batik. These batiks come in lengths of about five feet. I bought several of these when I was at Quilt 2004!
 I am very happy with the results!

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