Saturday, 23 November 2013

Scrap Bags and Kitty Beds

It's been a while since I posted. I have been sewing and quilting, though. I'll start off with just a few little projects I've worked on recently! I'll post some quilts in the next day or so.

A cherry pit heating bag I whipped up as a door prize for our local modern quilt guild meeting. Last year, I bought three boxes of cherry pits online from Norton's Okanagan Harvest. The boxes were bigger than I expected, so I was really happy about that! I've made quite a few of these bags. They make great gifts, and sold very well at our guild quilt show boutique. Here is the tutorial I used. Sorry for the crappy picture, but I snapped the pic just before I ran out the door.
A kitty bed made using Cluck Cluck Sew's Sprocket Pillow tutorial. I used flannel scraps and made the 16" pillow size. I stuffed it (not too full) with fabric scraps and batting bits that guild members have been giving me for the beds. This one received Lizzie's seal of approval immediately!
I had enough scraps to stuff another bed. This one I made a bit larger and more oval. I used the same construction method as the sprocket pillow, except I made a pillow insert (check out this snake fabric...what was I thinking when I bought this?!) and then made a removable cover, with a zipper!
I haven't sewn a zipper into something for years, so the cat bed was good practice. I have had the pink checked fabric for way too long, easily 20+ years, but I guess you get around to using it eventually, right?
All the cat beds I make receive the seal of approval from my capable testers! We actually have three cats, but our smallest one, Monty, is such a Chicken Little, he's afraid of his own shadow. I gave this bed to a co-worker who has a heart of gold, and cares for several stray cats in her neighbourhood. She tells me her kitties love it!

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  1. Cherry pits? I have never heard of that for stuffing toys and heating pads. INCREDIBLE. I just learned something new today!

    Those cat beds are great. I love their shape - puffy and oblong. CUTE!