Thursday, 31 December 2015

A few finishes to share for the end of the year.

I made Christmas stockings for my granddaughters, but I forgot to take pictures of them, so I'll have to post another day. 

A dear friend, Anne, asked me if I could make Christmas stockings for her two granddaughters as well. I had fun making these! I used the pattern "ThimbleBlossoms merry" by Camille Roskelley, and modified the construction using Cluck Cluck Sew's tutorial for a lined stocking as I prefer it completely finished on the inside. I stippled the red stocking and used a curvy stitch to crosshatch quilt the little bear stocking. 
I added little charms for that little extra sparkle. I used the font "Curlz MT" to make the letters, traced it onto Heat'n'Bond and raw edge stitched around the edges. I think they turned out great! 
These little softies were made for my little cuties, not for Christmas, but just because! To make the whale, I used this tutorial from I Heart Naptime, found on Craftiness is not Optional. I made the whale's tail more pointy. I just liked it that way. 'Pumpkin Pie Spice' (granddaughter 2) loves it, especially chewing on the tail, ha ha!  I found the elephant softie tutorial on the same site. 
A hint if you use silk ribbon for the elephant's tale. Tie a knot in the end to be sewn to the inside. The knot will anchor the ribbon and help prevent it from unraveling when played with and tugged by little hands. I had to re-sew the ribbon as it pulled out from the seam. Lily-Bug (granddaughter 1) loves it, too, and she likes to sleep with it! Perfect!

I love when people share their talents and post tutorials. I really appreciate it! I know I'll be visiting the Craftiness is not Optional site again. For all you grandmas with granddaughters, she's got some delightful kids pattern for sale. Adorable!

Happy New Year to everyone! Have fun, be safe and see you next year!


Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A few things I've been reflecting on...

I've taken a long hiatus from quilting. Too long. But it happens sometimes, and that's ok. Over the last two years, I have done a bit of sewing and quilting here and there.

A lot has changed in my life. We have been blessed with two beautiful, healthy granddaughters!

I started running! I've lost weight. My health and my mood are better. LIFE IS GOOD!
So, what have I been thinking about?  Well, sewing and quilting will wait for you.

Friends are a gift. Be a gift to your friends.

Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself.

Don't be hard on yourself  if you didn't get everything 'made' for Christmas.

Christmas is not about things. Being with your loved ones, and if you can't be with them, to think of them with love, is more important than buying or making that last gift.
I am full of good intentions. I always 'overshoot' Christmas. What I mean is, I don't always complete my good intentions for the intended Christmas. But guess what, fabric doesn't go bad! Ha ha! So this refers back to the above statement about not being too hard on yourself.

I started these placemats two Christmases ago. I finished enough for the four of us to use for Christmas dinner. Last year, I finished two more and that was enough. This year, I finished the set!
I made this quilt for my niece two Christmases ago. All the way up to the binding...then I stalled, thus the hiatus from quilting. I kinda burned out. Anyway, my dear niece waited patiently and I finally finished hand-sewing the binding just before Christmas this year!

Hubs and I went out to take some pics in the gorgeous, brisk weather. We struggled a bit with the wind, but we couldn't ask for a more glorious December day! Lots of pics, the scenery is so beautiful!


Happy Quilting!