Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year's Resolutions

Sharing a pic of one of the stockings I made for my granddaughters! I made them both the same. Fun to piece and will be enjoyed for years to come!
Have you been thinking about your New Year's Resolutions? One year, one of my resolutions was to throw out all the pens that didn't work! I aim high! Ha! Last year, my resolution was to have the family over for dinner on a regular basis. I didn't need a resolution to do that, but it makes me feel like I followed through! 

This year I resolve to:
  • Reach out to reconnect/stay connected with friends and family. I've been exercising more in the last year, but once I am home, I tend to hermit. I need to change that!
  • Tackle the paper piles
  • Eliminate sugar in my coffee
  • Volunteer at at least two local races. I have participated in a lot of races and it's time to give back!
  • Sew and quilt more.
So, my plans:
  • Invite my sewing buddies for sewing days, starting in January. Less Pinterest-ing and more pinning!
  • Spend an hour, one night a week, sorting, shredding or throwing out stuff we don't need to keep.
  • January 1st onward - no more sugar in my coffee - I gave up sugar and milk in my tea eight months ago. I can do this!
  • Contact a local race organizer and sign up to volunteer.
  • Starting with my Lily-Bug's baby quilt (yes, eek, she hasn't received her baby quilt yet!), I commit to sew/quilt a few hours a week.
  • Practice machine quilting - Done is better than Perfect!
I think I have about 25 quilt tops waiting to be turned into quilts. Sheesh!
Not to mention fabric and kits not yet started. But...I have baby quilts to make first!

So, to keep myself accountable, I am listing my first 10 projects I need to work on this year (updated March 2016):
  1. Lily-Bug's baby quilt - in progress finished Feb 2016
  2. Pumpkin-Pie Spice's baby quilt
  3. Pillows - in progress
  4. Baby girl quilt for co-worker
  5. Baby boy quilt for co-worker
  6. Baby TBA girl quilt for co-worker
  7. Challenge quilt for MQG
  8. Block or row robin TBA with SK
  9. Modern Sampler - finish quilting and bind
  10. Christmas quilt(s) for next year

Lofty goals!

I am already side-tracked with these. 
But I can explain! My sewing machine packed it in after 18 years, and I bought a new machine a month or so ago. I am still getting familiar with my new Pfaff, and so I have been sewing a few small things to get the hang of it. Then, I'll start back on Lily-Bug's quilt!

Happy New Year and all the best for an awesome 2016!

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